Welcome to DT Trucks first blog post, as you may know we are currently undergoing a huge website update meaning we may be down for some time here and there. We are currently looking to change our whole site and bring it in to the present rather than the “old days” look.

DT Trucks was very thin in terms of a website previously so we decided to take action and make it a lot more up to date and easier for customers to get in contact and more importantly give them information they need rather than physically getting in contact.

What to expect on our new site:

DT Trucks Personal Blog

We are adding a blog to our website on which we will update every couple of weeks with crucial information about trucks and transport, we will be creating blogs about our new trucks we will release and also some of the benefits and pointers about our existing trucks. We thought it would be great for customers to use our site not just to repair / order trucks but to also keep on top of the industry with the latest news and updates.

Updated Sales Page

If your fed up of searching endlessly for a truck that best suits your need worry no more. Our sales page will have all the relevant information you require to make your decision, we have also implemented a live chat so if you have any issues and don’t have time for a phone call then you can simply use our Live chat to get any queries / questions resolved. You can see our live chat in the bottom right hand of the screen.

Background About DT Trucks

A lot of people like to know the background of a business before placing an order therefor we have created an About Us page to give you a little insight of our business and how it was founded, feel free to have a read here.

Much Faster Inquires

Feel free to contact us us at any time, we are here to help you. We have also implemented a Contact form where you can submit any questions / queries and usually get a response the same day, you can also find contact details of our branches on this page.

In regards to sales we now have a much faster system which is currently being tested. Simply fill our your needs select your truck enter your phone number / email and we will get back to you as soon as we can, it really is as easy as select truck and your needs and we will do the rest and get back to you with a deal you cannot refuse!



Above are just some of the big updates to come to DT Trucks, stay tuned for more information regarding our update and be sure to get in touch if you have any problems, thanks.

DT Trucks

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