Isuzu Truck Sales Introduction

Welcome to our Sales web page; please look through the various trucks available, whether you know the truck you want or need a little help with your search, please contact me – either call me on my mobile number below, fill in the contact form with your truck requirements or email me. I am always here to help.

I am an Isuzu truck sales specialist and consultant covering London, Essex and Hertfordshire. With over 30 years’ experience in the commercial vehicle industry I assist transport managers, fleet managers and business owners choose the right truck for their business and the right body for your vehicle, taking into account the load you carry and the number of deliveries you make each day I can also help with O Licence procedures/issues and finding the best finance package for you, whether it’s a Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, Operating Lease or Contract Hire agreement.

Isuzu sales

Contact number: 07450 444 888

Isuzu Truck Range

3.5 tonnes GVW

3.5 Tonne GVW

N35.125 Grafter

The 3.5t Grafter is a light truck that’s more than capable of handling a busy workload. The Grafter is so popular, in fact, that it has been named Best Builders’ Truck seven years in a row by leading commercial vehicle publication Trade Van Driver

There are two models in the Grafter range: the 1.9 litre, 123PS Grafter Green (N35.125), and the 3.0 litre, 150PS Grafter Blue (N35.150). Both trucks come with single or twin rear wheels, are capable of towing 3.5 tonnes and are available with short lead times as part of our Driveaway range. 

5.5/6.5 tonnes GVW

5.5 and 6.5 tonne isuzu

N55.150 & N65.150

For customers who need more payload but still want the compact cab and body design of our award- winning Grafter range, a 5.5t or 6.5t truck could be the answer. Popular with arborists, breweries and local authorities, our N55 and N65 models offer a step up in payload carrying capacity without the extra size and weight normally associated with larger trucks.

The N55 even has a narrow cab option, while the N65 comes with either a standard manual gearbox or our popular Easyshift automated transmission.

7.5 tonnes GVW

7.5 tonne isuzu

N75.150 & N75.190

We are proud to be market leaders in a number of key sectors at 7.5 tonnes, including the recovery sector, which has always been close to our heart. For the last two decades our 7.5 tonners have offered UK operators outstanding payload carrying capacity combined with unbeatable reliability, making them ideal for distribution, local delivery, plant hire and a number of other weight- critical applications.

Our N75 Forward range includes standard day cab and crew cab versions of our popular 5.2 litre N75.190 truck, as well as manual and Easyshift options. For customers who carry out low mileage, urban deliveries, the N75.150, which features a more efficient 3.0 litre engine, may be a better option.

11 & 13.5 tonnes GVW

Isuzu 11 & 13.5 tonnes GVWF110.210 & F135.240

Our F-Series 11t and 13.5t trucks offer ‘big truck’ performance with a ‘small truck’ footprint. Even with their higher payload capacities, these trucks can still operate in the most demanding of locations. Our 11 tonner is well suited to tipper and beavertail operations, but still benefits from a compact cab and lower chassis design for driver comfort. At 13.5 tonnes, we offeran Easyshift vehicle that’s ideal for scaffolders and box or curtainside applications.

Both our 11t and 13.5t trucks are the ideal step up from our N-Series vehicles, offering a lightweight option at the heavier weight ranges.

Isuzu Driveaway Trucks

3.5 Tonne TIPPER

Isuzu 3.5 Tonne TipperMODELS IN THIS RANGE:
N35.125(S) TIPPER / N35.125(T) TIPPER / N35.150(T) TIPPER

 A reliable tipper can quickly become one of your business’s most valuable assets. Designed to withstand the rough and tumble of daily life on site, our 3.5T tippers are reliable workmates that can cope with pretty much anything you can throw at them.

7.5 Tonne TIPPER

Isuzu 7.5 Tonne TipperMODELS IN THIS RANGE:
N75.150(E) TIPPER / N75.190(E) TIPPER

The bigger brother of our popular 3.5T tipper, our 7.5T tipper is an efficient and reliable workhorse with an impressive payload capacity. Its compact design makes it easier to manoeuvre than many other vehicles in its weight range, and its automated Easyshift gearbox is designed to minimise driver fatigue.

3.5 Tonne DROPSIDE

Isuzu 3.5 Tonne DropsideMODELS IN THIS RANGE:

Available in two different body lengths, our lightweight driveaway dropsiders are both versatile and reliable, offering our customers the kind of adaptability they have come to expect from Isuzu trucks. Landscape gardeners, scaffolders and plant hire companies are already enjoying the benefits of our driveaway dropsiders.


Isuzu 3.5 Tonne UtilitruckMODELS IN THIS RANGE:

The latest vehicle to join our Driveaway range is the 3.5t Utilitruck, which features a lockable toolpod to keep tools and equipment safe. Suitable for a variety of different applications, our Utilitruck does the job for companies that require a tipper with added security for equipment throughout the working day.

7.5 tonne DROPSIDE

Isuzu 7.5 Tonne DropsideMODELS IN THIS RANGE:
N75.150(E) DROPSIDE / N75.190(E) DROPSIDE

At 7.5 tonnes, our double dropside bodies give good flexibility for various transportation requirements and are available in both 150 and 190 chassis options. With a payload capacity from 4,000kg, our 7.5 tonne dropsiders can cope with even the most demanding of loads.

7.5 tonne BOX

Isuzu 7.5 Tonne BoxMODELS IN THIS RANGE:

7.5t Isuzu boxes form the backbone of many of our customers’ delivery fleets. Available with column or tuckaway tail lift options, both models have a 5.2 litre, 190PS engine, making them ideal for mid and longer distance haulage operations.


Isuzu 7.5 Tonne CurtainsiderMODELS IN THIS RANGE:

Curtainsiders are such a popular choice for our 7.5t customers that we had to add the model to our Driveaway range. When combined with the low chassis height and Easyshift automated gearbox on our N75.190(E) model, our 7.5t Curtainsider is an efficient and reliable performer.